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2019 Mecklenburg Revaluation

The 2019 Mecklenburg County Property Revaluation is complete. Look for your Notice of 2019  Real Estate Assessed Value in your mailbox.  They were mailed on January 23rd. (This is NOT a bill.) You will also be able to find your property value online beginning January 23rd.

The County Assessor's office has worked really hard to make sure the Reval goes much better than 2011.  Even with this work, I know many of you will have questions and concerns.  Please know that the Assessors office and I are available to you to ensure the Revaluation is fair and the process goes as smoothly as we can manage.

About the real estate tax revaluation

State law requires the County to conduct a property revaluation at least every eight years to determine its market value. All property (commercial, land and houses) is being visited and observed by a County Assessor to:

  • Verify the accuracy of characteristics on record for the property,

  • Compare similar property sales and

  • Consider improvements or changes that have been made to the property. 

Based on that information, your property will be given a new real estate assessed value. The new value is effective January 1, 2019. It will be mailed to you and also available online beginning January 23.