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Press: Charlotte Observer

In Charlotte, thousands of women marched. That was only the beginning.

Jim Morrill, Charlotte Observer, 1/19/2018

To say Susan Harden was moved by last year’s Women’s March in Washington may be an understatement.

“The enormity of what I experienced had a pretty profound impact on me,” says Harden, 50. “I was very inspired.”

So much so that Harden, who teaches education at UNC Charlotte, plans to launch her bid for Mecklenburg County commissioner at Saturday’s anniversary march in Charlotte.

She’s one of thousands of women across the country who have translated last year’s passion into activism, even candidacies. For many women in Charlotte and across the country, the march has become a movement.

So far, nearly 600 women have declared their intent to run for Congress or statewide offices, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. That’s twice the number who’d announced by this time in recent elections.

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