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Charlotte Observer: How will $11M Rental Subsidy be spent
Benches on North Tryon are part of the homeless population's turf due to the lack of affordable housing.

Benches on North Tryon are part of the homeless population's turf due to the lack of affordable housing.

A trio of proposals to use Mecklenburg County’s $11 million allocation for rental subsidies would target those most in need of housing, including people who are very low-income, elderly, chronically homeless or experiencing domestic violence.

Commissioner Susan Harden said the proposals mirrored the board’s earlier conversations about priorities around affordable housing and the county’s most vulnerable residents.

“I’m seeing populations in here we talked about: the moms that need a little extra (help), the veterans, the seniors, domestic violence (victims),” she said. “I’m very moved by the thoughtful nature that is being presented to us.”

New Commissioners on WFAE's Charlotte Talks

Susan Harden, along with other new Mecklenburg County Commissioners Susan McDowell (District 6), Elaine Powell (Vice Chair and Commissioner, District 1), and Mark Jerrell (District 4), were interviewed on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks to discuss their priorities.

Listen to the show here, or watch the interview via Facebook video.

WBTV: Molly Grantham 1-on-1 with Susan Harden

Susan’s first interview after winning her race for County Commission District 5 was with WBTV’s Molly Grantham. Here she shares that she’s thrilled to be a part of the “Year of the Woman”. “This means the issues that women care about may very well get addressed,” she said. “We know that when women run, women win. And when women win, they really do champion the issues in their lives."

See the story here.

My Camino de Santiago Journey

On Instagram last week, People of Charlotte shared my story about my Camino de Santiago journey to Portugal last year.

People of CLT, check out Susan’s amazing story below. You can do anything you want to do! To mark my 50th birthday in the summer of 2017, I decided to take a three-week solo pilgrimage and walk the Camino Portugues from Porto Portugal to Santiago Spain. I had never travelled for pleasure alone and I wasn’t sure that I could meet the physical demands of the walk. This trip was pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but I wanted that experience. A pilgrimage is a ritual journey and the pilgrim is transformed along the way. This was certainly true for me. As I walked the daily journey of 10 miles with a pack on my back along the stunningly beautiful coastline of Portugal, I had time to be alone with my thoughts. Pilgrims say that every step is a prayer. I thought about all of the blessings in my life: my 25-year marriage, my almost grown kids, my aging parents who were a constant source of support, my dear friends, a wonderful job as a professor, and a community that I love. At the end of the 150 mile journey, I felt strong, powerful, and peaceful. I knew that if I could walk the Camino, I could run for office, even though I knew it would be hard. I heard the call to serve and here I am. @susanbharden 

Press: People of Charlotte
People Of Charlotte     article, Aug 1, 2018

People Of Charlotte article, Aug 1, 2018

Thank you, People of Charlotte, and Arden McLaughlin, for this great interview. It is an honor to be featured amongst so many fantastic Charlotteans making a difference in our community.

As shared in the article, “I teach teachers to be community leaders; to engage the community,” and I appreciate People of Charlotte’s focus on our region’s leaders.

Things got real for me at the beginning of this calendar year. My students challenged me to take service learning to another level ... to run for public office!

As a professor at UNC Charlotte, I am passionate about teaching, about educating teachers, and about shaping our county with great education. “The fact that I’m an educator and a mom fits in with what Mecklenburg County does.” County Commissioners deal with human services; things like parks, schools, mental health, and libraries — the things that make us great.

My vision is to make Mecklenburg County the Southern destination for teachers. I want all the great teachers to move to Charlotte.

Find the entire article, and lots of other great features, at

Press: Charlotte Observer

In Charlotte, thousands of women marched. That was only the beginning.

Jim Morrill, Charlotte Observer, 1/19/2018

To say Susan Harden was moved by last year’s Women’s March in Washington may be an understatement.

“The enormity of what I experienced had a pretty profound impact on me,” says Harden, 50. “I was very inspired.”

So much so that Harden, who teaches education at UNC Charlotte, plans to launch her bid for Mecklenburg County commissioner at Saturday’s anniversary march in Charlotte.

She’s one of thousands of women across the country who have translated last year’s passion into activism, even candidacies. For many women in Charlotte and across the country, the march has become a movement.

So far, nearly 600 women have declared their intent to run for Congress or statewide offices, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. That’s twice the number who’d announced by this time in recent elections.

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