Press: People of Charlotte

People Of Charlotte     article, Aug 1, 2018

People Of Charlotte article, Aug 1, 2018

Thank you, People of Charlotte, and Arden McLaughlin, for this great interview. It is an honor to be featured amongst so many fantastic Charlotteans making a difference in our community.

As shared in the article, “I teach teachers to be community leaders; to engage the community,” and I appreciate People of Charlotte’s focus on our region’s leaders.

Things got real for me at the beginning of this calendar year. My students challenged me to take service learning to another level ... to run for public office!

As a professor at UNC Charlotte, I am passionate about teaching, about educating teachers, and about shaping our county with great education. “The fact that I’m an educator and a mom fits in with what Mecklenburg County does.” County Commissioners deal with human services; things like parks, schools, mental health, and libraries — the things that make us great.

My vision is to make Mecklenburg County the Southern destination for teachers. I want all the great teachers to move to Charlotte.

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