Susan is a collaborator who gets things done. She listens, she learns, she acts.


Meet Susan

Susan B. Harden is not a politician.  She’s an educator, a doer and a dedicated public servant inspired to use her expertise in education and community engagement, as well as her background in finance and economics, to create real, actionable solutions to the challenges facing Mecklenburg County.  


A 30-year resident of Charlotte, Susan has dedicated her career to public service. She is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, where she educates the teachers of tomorrow. She directs the college’s Civic Minor in Urban Youth and Communities and its Charlotte Community Scholars Program. She recently received Leadership Charlotte’s “Unsung Hero” award, and is a popular national speaker on social trust, service learning, education and community engagement.  

Susan is a strategic thinker who takes a positive and collaborative approach to her work.  A lifelong learner, she never loses sight of the big picture.  She’s a decisive, action-oriented leader who cares deeply about her community.  

On any given day you will find Susan: 

  • Coaching a pre-service teacher on how to educate students with special needs

  • Working with a non-profit to create a meaningful internship for an enthusiastic college student who wants to give back to the community

  • Writing a letter of recommendation for a college student

  • Taking dinner to a friend

  • Meeting with leaders to discuss ideas for improving our community

Susan has been married to Brian Harden for nearly 25 years and they have two beautiful daughters, at UNC-Chapel Hill and Myers Park High School.  


The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.
— Confucius

Charlotte is Our Home.

Susan’s skills set combines the nurturing and common sense values of a mom with the smarts of a professor. Susan knows how to bring people together to solve our community’s challenges.

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.
— Mother Teresa

Susan B. Harden’s Priorities


Education & Civic Life

  • Strong and High Quality Schools

  • Higher teacher pay

  • More Pre-K

  • Affordable College

  • Fair Elections and Voting Rights

  • Emphasize Civility, Collaboration, Kindness, and Culture

Economic Opportunity

  • Strategic Investments in Infrastructure

  • Enhance Upward Mobility

  • Affordable housing

  • Support for Emerging Markets, Innovations, and Entrepreneurs

  • Affordability for Citizens on Fixed Incomes


  • Clean Air and Water, Garden-Like Environment

  • Healthcare Advocacy, Particularly for Women and Families

  • Wellness and Support for Older Adults

  • Addiction and Recovery Solutions

  • Welcoming and Inclusive to Newcomers

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